tuborg christmas brew - print design

 At the end of last year, I had the opportunity to work on this amazing project - a very Christmasy one nonetheless - in collaboration with Tuborg Romania. I know the holidays are over and I'm a bit late with this post, but let's keep the winter mood a little longer. I mean, it's only February. We still have time. Back to the project, I was telling you about... I had to create a festive illustration which included their seasonal beer, the Tuborg Christmas Brew, that they would later use on some hoodies and prints for PR packages. My whole inspiration behind the concepts was related to paper art, I don't know if you've seen pictures of it, basically, it's an art piece, made from paper or cardboard cutouts, where you layer various pieces on top of each other to create dimension and depth. There are a lot of digital illustrations that recreate this style so I wanted to do my take on this. Therefore, given the theme and the time frame, I chose a Christmas tree bauble as my main shape, and then decorated it with a classic postcard-like winter scene, very minimal-looking, to give it that paper cutout feel. I added textures for shading to give it depth and voila! The deed was done. My original concept was to have the bottle since I had to include it in the design, done in the same manner as the rest of the landscape, and in my opinion, it turned out so beautifully, it had that velvet look... perfection. But in the end, they went with the collage variant, with my illustration and the picture of the realistic bottle on top, which was a good option as well. Let me know which one of the concepts you like best.



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