the new home

 Well, well... I'm very excited about this one and I'll tell you why. I finally managed to make a video of the entire working process. I know, right? But I'm not gonna bore you with that long-ass video, I edited it into a 90-second one, for your enjoyment on Instagram and TikTok (yes, I'm on tiktok now, why did you think I went through all the trouble of filming?). I also did the editing for this video, thank you very much. At this point, I don't even care if anyone likes it or not, just getting here is a huge milestone for me, one that I didn't think would be possible or easy to get to. In fact, it wasn't all that easy, but I did it.

Now, enough about me, let's talk art. The Different-Kind-of-Portrait of the day is of a big family and their new home, a family of three but with four additional furry babies. I've illustrated them before, as a couple and her, a long time ago, as a logo for her business. I think I can say, I'm the official illustrator of the family.



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