the transylvanian love

 Today's Different Kind of Portrait is of two lovebirds who love to wander and travel but have settled into the colourful city of Sibiu. If you've been there at least once, I bet you loved it. What's not to love, am I right? I haven't been there in quite a while myself, but I took a trip down memory lane with this illustration. And I had a lot of fun painting all the colourful buildings, that I remember seeing myself at one point. You'll notice some mountains in the background, those are not just any mountains, they are the Făgăraș Mountains. Which I also saw myself. Last year actually. So the memory of them is very vivid. And they are spectacular, believe me. There's also a cat in there (they seem to be everywhere, don't they?) and I also have one of those as well. Same colour and everything. I realise this portrait is not about me but I seem to have assimilated everything about it, haven't I? I seem to be asking a lot of questions...

Unfortunately, I didn't film the process of this one, I don't want to say I forgot so let's just say I was on a tight schedule. I promise I'll do better.



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