deconstructed watercolour boat - print & logo design

 This one was a bit different than what I usually did for the guys over at Squadz, but this one felt like more of a personal design than any, which is why it looks a bit different than the others and was done in a more traditional medium. At that time I felt like I was drawing everything digitally (besides the different-kind-of-portraits) and it was nice to go back to my watercolours and brushes for a change. I even recorded myself painting, so that was awesome. I will link the video here, once I am done editing it. In the end, it was a simple design but with a lot of depth at the same time, and I'm not just talking about the sea here. It somehow has a lot of warmth and movement, it really transports you into a memory.

In a wonderful turn of events, a little time later they wanted me to turn the design into a logo and also some simple linear graphics. I had fun imagining my design in so many ways.



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