scary night owl - beer label design

 We've reached another milestone here on the Art Series for Owl Brewery you guys, and this one is epic. I know Mona will probably reign forever as the most iconic painting of all time, but this one is a close second... The Starry Night by the man himself, mister Vincent Van Gogh. If you think there's an even more famous one, by all means, please correct me. Anyhow, like with the one before, I really gave my all with this label design. I wanted to mimic the style of the original inspiration painting to a T, but that meant another new very different medium to work with, for me. And I tell you, the little brush strokes on this one really gave me something to work with. I drew it digitally so it probably took me less than it did for mister Van Gogh, but still... I now respect the craft even more. Oh, and I like how it looks on the can as well. 



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