gala owl - beer label design

 I will admit, that this artist was not my first choice for the fourth label of the Art Owl Series and that was weird because I love this artist. But we struggled a bit with my first choice and getting that to look right so this was plan B. Even though I do not want to give up on plan A, it's just shelved for now. If I'm not mistaken, this artwork is actually one of the first ones ever I made on my new tablet and in Procreate, so it took me a lot longer than usual because everything was so new for me. But thankfully, I get time-lapses now by default so never will I ever miss that record button. I'm so in love with this feature, you can't even imagine. Now, when I actually get to editing these videos, that's a completely different story, but I'm getting there.

So anyways, back to the label, as you might have guessed already from the pictures, the inspiration for this one was the awesome Salvador Dali. I remember looking at his paintings when I was younger and thinking no way they are not digital, they just looked immaculate. And "digital" back then wasn't even that great, but still. Then one day, when I had the chance to see one in person, and I mean really see it up close, I saw all the brush strokes and I was left in awe. Therefore, for this label design, I thought about some of his most iconic paintings and I just had to use The Persistence of Memory painting as a source of inspiration, with the melting clocks, I mean... It's a trademark. So I made a melting Dali owl, which, honestly, now when I look back at it, I regret not putting a moustache on. It just feels like a missed opportunity. Damn. I need to go mope now.



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