a lovestory - puzzle design

 Some time ago I received a wonderful challenge: a project to create a puzzle design with the story of two lovely people, how they met and where they are now. I thought this was such a thoughtful and personal gift, while the person receiving this gift is making the puzzle, they get to see the story of their lives unfold. Brilliant!

One of the best parts, for me at least, was that I also got the chance to revisit some memories, of those times when I used to draw little cute creatures, that was such a big part of my life and my style back then, that I look back in awe. Here's a little link of those good ol' days, if you ever get nostalgic. I know I do.

The only sad part about this whole thing is that I never got the chance to see the actual puzzle made, but I hope it came out just right, and I hope it was well-received. I, for one, sure had a lot of fun designing it.

And, as per tradition, a wonderful mock-up. 
But did you know, that for every digital illustration that I do, I put it onto my very own self-made mock-up? Yeah, that's the one at the top of this blog post. I know... magic!



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