the ladybugs

designed by #dushky / #art #illustration #painting #watercolor #portrait #adifferentkindofportrait #family #mother #daughter #moon #crescent #ladybug #tombabe #hollatombabe

 Oh, I had so much fun making this Different-Kind-Of Portrait of the day. It is of a beautiful family and a returning client for whom I've designed THIS beautiful tattoo in the past. I was so happy to see how they've grown, even happier that she wanted me to draw her in this wonderful Tombabe t-shirt and the happiest that she wanted a crescent moon in the background. Oh, and did you see the kitty? And the little stuffed toy ladybug? This portrait has some of my favourite things in life, so the connection was made from the getgo. Not to mention that I got a very emotional video of the ladies getting the illustration, the baby girl was trying to say my name right... a real tearjerker. I will forever hold on to this memory.

I've also made a video for this portrait, you can see it on TikTok (for the long version) and on Instagram (for the short one).



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