mona owl - beer label design

 The second instalment in the Art Series for Owl Brewery is of a very, very famous painting and a very obvious choice. You can not know of her by now, or at least heard about her once, she's everywhere... the great, the icon, the one and only: Mona Lisa, or in our case Mona Owl. There couldn't have been an art series without her. She will stare at you, blink at you one eye at a time, she'll judge you, hoot at you, basically haunt you, but in a good way. I heard the beer tastes awesome too. 

I tried my best, with each of the illustrations from this series, to keep the style of the reference paintings, even if that meant getting out of my comfort zone, but I really hope I did them justice. And I'll be honest, this one really gave me a challenge. Even so, I was giggling throughout the entire process. You will too when you look at these owl faces. I can't wait to show you the other two as well. Until then, heeeeeer's Mona.



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