dentist logo design

 Continuing the series of I say I don't make logos but sometimes I do, with a new one to add to the collection. By the way, that's not an actual series, I just made that up. But maybe it should be a thing. And while we're on this subject, maybe I should make a series of Rejected art concepts, because I have a bunch of those too. Would you be interested in that? Write to me at

Back to our story. Today's logo design is for a dental clinic doctor, a type of client that honestly, I thought would never attract with my kind of style of illustration, but when they said they wanted a graphic in a single-line manner, we just clicked. The text part is tricky for me. Somehow I don't have the confidence I can get it right. But I'm constantly studying and learning, so I hope this will change. But for this one, I think I managed to pull it off, and it looks quite nice. What do you think? People who never read these posts...

I've designed some business cards as well. I've put them all on some pretty mockups, look, look!



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