linear serendipity - tattoo design

 Right, while I'm waiting for myself on Instagram to catch up with my posts here, I'll clean up the archives and post things that have long been in the waiting line. It's also very little time left of this year, and while I didn't get to post everything I did during this time, I'm glad I caught up with some of my old projects, and finally put them into the spotlight. They deserved the shine. I want to start the next year on a somewhat clean slate. I know I say this every year, I know. But I think we've made progress guys. We're getting there.

So anyway, this next one was intended to be a tattoo design, it didn't make it into an actual tattoo but that doesn't take away the fun I've put into it. And by fun, I mean many hours of work. Kind of messy, kind of sketchy, but I like it.



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