deconstructed space whale - tattoo design

 I've always imagined whales as these mythical creatures, floating through nebulae, there's something about them and space that just clicks in my mind. I don't know why. I haven't even seen one in real life, but boy I hope I get to. I also want to go to space in this lifetime, and though this might have seemed impossible a few years back, now it doesn't seem like such a far stretch. I just need to be a billionaire. Easy. I'm kidding of course. Back to the illustration.

I got to do this for someone who wanted to tattoo their full sleeve by just using space-themed designs. Honorably enough, they were all my designs, so I am very humbled, and also, very glad, that I got to draw a bunch of illustrations with my favorite subject out of them all. Here's the outline version of the geometric space whale, we also made a watercolor one, that's coming up next.

I also got a picture of the actual tattoo...



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