the gutus

 With the Easter holiday just around the corner, I'm very happy to share with y'all today a portrait that I made in December, for the Christmas holidays. But it's a very warm, summer vibes kind of portrait, a different-kind of portrait if you will. This one is actually a remake of this older version, because, in the meantime, the family added a new member to the family, well, several actually, if you count all the pets (not all portrayed here). But I love how you can see the difference in the illustration style, in the four years that have passed between the two. Anyway, for this one, the client wanted a more specific color palette, inspired by the architecture and decor of Tulum, Mexico, which fits in together with the style of their new home. And I have to say, I kind of like this one color - multiple shades kind of situation. I thought it might look monotone but it doesn't at all. What do you think?



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