deconstructed watercolor space whale - tattoo design

 As promised, the color version of the space whale is here. I used both digital and traditional mediums for this design. The outline was done digitally and the watercolor part is hand-painted. Then I did a little editing magic and voila! That's how it was made. I really do regret not filming any of the processes behind this, it was made in an era when I didn't have an interest in tiktoks and reels. I don't to this day, but I kind of have to, don't I? At least I've learned a thing or two about filming and editing. I just really hope I get to do more traditional illustrations like this one. I really feel like I always choose the digital way out every time now, and, let's face it, I'm not a pro at it, I've seen some of the stuff people do with digital art and it's ah-mazing. But, for what I do, and my current style, I think I'm ok. Although I think I was better in real-life paintings and I kind of feel like that's slipping away slowly. Anyway, I'm rambling again, here's the design. I hope you like it.



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