buzias park - print design

 Like I've said many times before, whenever I get a project about my hometown and its surroundings, I'm all in. Therefore, I've made a label with all of the projects like this that I've had throughout so you can see them all in one place. Today's design was for an organisation that wanted to help promote, preserve and restore the beauty of Buziaș Park. This park was and is well known for its therapeutic spa potential, and mineral water and for being an important dendrologic park not only in Romania but in Europe as well. Its unique feature, the colonnade built in a Byzantine and Turkish style of architecture was recently restored, finally allowing tourists to walk around and enjoy the twenty hectares of nature's beauty. 

But enough historical facts, you came here for the art, and I'm here to deliver. I had to illustrate a piece of that beautiful colonnade for this project and I chose to do it in my signature outline style juxtaposed with a silhouette made from gradient trees since the trees are the symbol of this park. I think the outcome looks quite cool and different. I hope this design will help this project grow and bring more funds in to keep this park a landmark of the Banat region.  



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