the mandalorian mom

 You know me by now, anything space-related is just right up my alley and anything Star Wars-related is even better. So when I got the client's description for this different-kid-of portrait I was ecstatic. Especially since it was coming from a dear old friend. Now I've made a couple of portraits in the past with Star Wars themes, like this one or this one and even though you might say I have some experience in that area, I freak out every time I have to recreate something like that. Probably because I'm afraid it won't look accurate or that it is way too complex and time-consuming... Probably. But, nevertheless, I manage to get it done every time. And of course, these paintings turn out to be some of my all-time favourites.

For today's illustration, I had to portray a very cool lady who is into the Star Wars movies, especially the new Mandalorian series. We wanted to give her this badass look, so we dressed her in the Mandalorian costume and added her best and cutest partner by her side, Grogu, or Baby Yoda if you will and all the watercolours of space in the background. And I think it turned out fantastic. And from what I've heard she loved it, so much so that we later made another painting for her son in the same manner. But more of that in a later post.



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