ice coffee - vector graphics

 Continuing the coffee-related illustrations, here's another one for y'all. Or, a couple more, if we're being literal. These were also concepts that I made for a beverage project, but in the end, they went in a different direction and these ideas were side-lined. But, as I said previously, being rejected doesn't mean you're not good, it just means you weren't compatible. But someone else might be (applicable to other situations in life if you catch my drift). My thought is that sometimes we just need to look at things from another perspective. So here it is: if you were looking for some vector graphics for a coffee shop logo, or a coffee-related business, or if you just like ice lattes, I've got the perfect designs for you. I may or may not have a discount too, since they're already done.

Or maybe, they could just look good as prints.



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