votkoffee - vector graphics

 I've talked quite a lot these past few days about rejected art, so naturally, I got another one. This was a concept for a bottled cocktail project that I worked on a couple of years ago. In the end, we went with another idea, that worked out better, but I couldn't stop thinking about this first draft and I wanted to finish it. And even though we never used this, it quickly became one of my favourite designs (that I've made, of course). I don't think it's so much because of the idea itself, but I love how it turned out, the shapes, the composition, and the colours, oh boy, the colours. And, I don't know, it's just so versatile, it could look great as web or print graphics, it would look cool on a t-shirt, on a wall, as a label, you name it. I love it.

I liked it so much I've used it as my Behance banner. And my Instagram highlight covers.



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