zhao paharul ridicat - single cover art

 May I have your attention, please... uhm, uhm... let's raise a glass to those who are struggling, to those who are trying, ones who are doing their best, to those who keep going, to those who are doing what they love even though it's hard, to those who get up every time they get knocked down, to those who get up every day to go to work, to those who are doers, to those who are thinkers, to the ones with ideas and to the ones that make a change, this one goes out to you. Cheers!

This is what I think about, in a nutshell, when I listen to Zhao's single Paharul Ridicat and what inspired me to create this cover art for his song. 

Another awesome collaboration, if I do say so myself. I haven't done a lot of artwork for music in the past, but this past year seems to have been a good year for that. It's a cool challenge to have, just to add a visual to a song and create this correlation between them. Sometimes it's not as easy as it seems. Besides this single's illustration, I also had the vinyl cover design if you remember and there's also an album cover that I did that's coming up soon. Music is a very big part of my creative process and it's nice when I get the chance to mix these two together.



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