otus owl - beer label designs

 Back to the owl gang, here are two more owls that joined recently and by recently I mean, last year. But you get it. We've talked about this many times before. This time we travelled to the beautiful lands of Japan because some of the ingredients for these two beers were jasmine green tea, hibiscus and ginger and as I've mentioned in previous posts, we like to draw inspiration from the origin of the ingredients, or where they are most present, also drawing inspiration from the types of hopes the guys use. Also, it's fun to take trips around the world (virtually, of course, it would be way more awesome to do them in person but I don't think there's a budget for that, guys?...), studying various cultures and all the different types of owls. And oh boy, there are a lot. Until our next stop, enjoy these two right here. You probably did. Last year... when they were available in stores... But maybe you can still find some, I don't know, I'm just here telling stories.



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