geometric coyote - tattoo design

 I've drawn quite a few animals in my days, mostly deer and foxes, but never a coyote. Well, this day has come my friends, and I couldn't be more excited. It kind of looks like a wolf when you take away all the furry details and especially when you start deconstructing it, not literally, don't get twisted. But it looks really cool nonetheless. That's what I like to do with my tattoo designs, take things and break them apart into little geometric pieces. It's been done before, we don't need to get into all the details. I'm just happy I got to add this wonderful creature to my list. We also covered it in ivy, but that's another story. The commission was for it to be in just outline but I also thought it could look cool in colour too, what do you think? Flat fill? Watercolour? I would love to hear your comments on this. Leave down below even though I know you won't. No one ever does. Except spambots. But that's ok.

I don't usually show the sketching process but sometimes they look too cool not to.



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