the happy campers

 I've decided to post the portraits, again, one by one. Like the good ol' days. Since I made the new, dedicated insta page for them, I kinda like the chronological order, and we are finally on track with posting them (almost). Pairing them would just mess with this order, trying to find similarities between two of them so I can pair them according to a common theme. Does this make sense? Is it all in my head? Does anyone care? Hello? I lost you... Damn it.


The different-kind-of portrait of the day is of a happy family, camping out in the woods. It's that simple. But the thing I like most about this one is the colour scheme. I don't know why, I feel the colours are so vibrant. I like that the upper part of the illustration is shaped by the trees and it's not cut straight (just some tiny details no one sees). I like that it's at night time. I like that the tree trunks are not brown. I tried giving the characters the warm reflection of the campfire... like I really tried here. Thank you!


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