the romanesti church - print illustration

 Somewhere at the end of last year, before all the crazy stuff happened, I finished a very awesome project, that I'm super excited to show to you today. I wasn't sure if the project came out, and if I could talk about it, but I checked, and it did, so let's do this. 

You might all remember the illustrations that I've made in collaboration with the Heritage of Timișoara project and if not, I've made an entire label dedicated to it, so here you go. Now, these next illustrations are not part of the same project, but I'll include them in the same label, so they would much easier to find. And since a lot of the same people were involved, mostly the same artists and kind of the same principles... seems to be just right. 

That being said, you may know I have much love for my hometown, so any chance I get to be part of a project that celebrates my city and the region it's part of, I honourably accept. Today's illustration is part of a project that highlights the heritage of cultural hotspots and wonderful sites that can be visited in and all around the Banat region. The project was made in association with ADR Vest (Agenția pentru Dezvoltare Regională Vest), an agency set to develop, preserve and restore those sites that I've just mentioned, from the west region of Romania. 

I had a list of 4 different counties/ cities, to choose landmarks from, the first of which was the wooden church from Românești. It's quite a piece of history since the first mention of it dates from way back in 1464! The construction is very representative of the old Romanian architectural style, the tower of the monastery also has one of the most well-preserved, baroque-inspired domes in the Banat region. The edifice is currently undergoing some restorative work, hopefully, it will bring it back to its former beauty. The region where this monument is set in is also one with beautiful mountains and landscapes and there was quite a unique event that happened there annually which I remember going to a couple of times, a symphonic and rock concert in the Românești cave. It was this amazing place with great acoustics, quite a hike to get to but very enjoyable. I highly recommend if you are ever in the area.




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