the deva fortress - print illustration

 Today's post is another story from the West Series, a project in collaboration with ADR Vest, in which I illustrated 4 landmarks from the west region of Romania. In case you've missed it, I talked a bit more in-depth about this project in my previous post, the one about the Românești Church, which you can read here.

That being said, the second illustration of the project is that of the Deva Fortress. If you're Romanian, you heard/ seen this landmark at least once in your life. It sits majestically on top of a hill in Hunedoara county and it's been there ever since 1264. That's over 750 years old! Given the years it has been there, you can imagine there's a lot of history to it, it has served many purposes under many rulers, but that's a story you're just going to have to check for yourself. But if you're ever in the region, I suggest you do not miss giving it a visit. It was in ruins for a very long time, but it has recently been restored and there was a cable cart added, so access to it has never been easier.

Now, I don't think I've mentioned this in the previous post, but there's a catch with the colour palettes I chose for these illustrations. While researching colour schemes, I thought that since I have four illustrations and the country is a temperate climate, hence it has four seasons, I could just represent each season through colour. So this illustration is spring-themed, it is all about the greens. The previous one, is autumn-inspired, with all the beautiful red, orange and yellow tones. 



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