the christmas in july

 It wasn't enough that around the winter holidays I always get hyper-excited about everything, but now I also have one more reason to be: this portrait series. It's the usual different-kind-of-portrait but for four years now I've been making a new portrait each Christmas for a very cool client. She always comes up with unique ideas for the illustrations, kind of summing up her past year in one picture. And we always manage to get all the elements in, I don't know how we do it. So even though it's a Christmas family portrait, it's a year's worth of stories, which I find to be quite the awesome thing to have. Also, I've known her kid before he even stepped foot into this world of hours and it humbles me to see him grow, and even though I'm in no way related, through their portraits, I feel like I'm a little piece in their story. I can't wait to see a full wall of their family portraits, with years worth of memories. But four years is already much more than I expected. So for a quick cool-down, here's a little Christmas in July.



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