the leviverse - doodle illustration

 Welcome everyone to the Leviverse, the wonderful world of Levimic. Levi is my little nephew and this doodle I made for him encapsulates everything that he likes, loves, and enjoys doing. Now or ever since I met him, seven years ago. From board games to video games, from toys to hobbies, from cartoon characters to tv-show characters, to his favorite toys, books, and some little hits of wonderful moments that we had together or he had with his friends. There's a little bit of The Little Prince in there, Minecraft, Fortnite, Mario, Marvel superheroes, Stranger Things, Squid Game, and even the IKEA soft toy monkey. I really put a lot of thought into this, poured my heart out and eventually, of course, it took me quite a few days to finish. But he loved it and that alone was worth it. 

I also submitted this piece to the RedBull Romania Doodle Contest and it went all the way up to the finals.
That and getting the "cool aunt" prize for it, could this be any cooler?



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