the new home for christmas

 Here we are, almost in June and I'm still posting portraits that I made last Christmas (great, now I can't stop singing that song). But out of all the holiday orders that I get, this different-kind-of portrait is quite special, because I make it every year, not the same illustration every time, but for the same client. We've been making a painting each year since they had their baby boy welcomed into the family, and it's been 5 years already. And every time there's a new theme, with the highlights of that year and what it meant for them and their family, and always with a touch of Christmas. This one is mostly about their new home, their crazy work-life schedules, and some world events here and there hidden in the details. I can't say how much I enjoy this project, because that is my favorite time of year as well. And I think it's quite neat for them as well, because not only do they get to see their memories each year captured in a painting, but they get to see the evolution, of their lives, their child and also the evolution of my illustration style for these portraits.



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