linear nuka girl - tattoo design

 I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love it when I draw inspiration from my own art. This illustration is inspired by one of my older pieces, and one very dear to me, the astrofilm one. Only this time, we drew the Nuka Girl from Fallout. I actually love that game, never played it myself but I love it. But I did play Fallout Shelter, twice, and loved it. But I digress. So, back to Nuka-Girl, we did an update last minute and changed her face to look more like the client's wife, so it would have a more personal touch. If you want to see the original Nuka Girl face, head over to my insta, cause I made a post there that includes both versions. Also added a deconstructed planet in the back, an old-school space shuttle, add a starry background to the mix and voila! There you have it kids. A new space design that I'm in love with. 



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