uman 20th anniversary - print design

 This year came with a cool collaboration, a blast from the past. Some of you that have been with me throughout my journey, might know me and my Uman days, all those cute monster-filled doodles and all those sticker designs, ah... those were the good ol' days. If you don't have a clue of what I'm talking about here's a helpful link to all my projects with them to catch you up to speed.

Anyhow, they've reached out to me because this year they turned 20. And they wanted to celebrate with everyone that had been alongside their twenty-year journey. I had full creative freedom and so I thought I'd take it back to my doodle days. Having already made that cool piece for my nephew I got inspired to make this design in kind of the same style and concept. So I thought of everything they meant for me, every event they did, every activity they supported, and also took the logos of all the brands they've had over the years and smooshed the altogether into the number 20. And I think the design was a success. It made it onto a t-shirt. And probably some other cool prints.

Happy Anniversary guys! May you live long and prosper & thanks for having me.



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