deconstructed starflight - tattoo design

 Continuing the series of space-themed tattoo designs, here's another one for y'all (and for my portfolio as well). This is yet another design that I did for the client that I was talking about in a previous post, the one that wanted a space-themed full-sleeve tattoo. Seems like we did a whole bunch, and I couldn't be more excited. I mean... it's space. What more could I ask for? And I was given a lot of creative freedom with these, so I am really grateful for all of this. 

So, today's theme is the deconstruction of a plane (not for real guys, just in art), flying around the deconstructed Earth (I seem to deconstruct the Earth a lot, but I can't explain why) into outer space, surrounded by stars and a constellation here and there. Also, I always wanted to try out the diamond-shaped design that I've been seeing around lately and I have to say, I'm loving it.



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