the christmas miracle

 I promise you, this is the final Christmas portrait and I think the last one of 2022. We did it guys, we're here, finally. True, it's a half year later, but we made it nonetheless. The new different-kind-of portraits that are to come will be from this actual year. Will I ever be up-to-date with them you might ask. Never. But now that I realize it, I have to start editing the new ones or else I won't have anything to post and guess what will happen then? I'll get delayed again. And we don't want that. Six months is enough. So let's get back to business, here's today's different-kind-of portrait, of a nice, colorful family, on this very special holiday, in their living room, listening to vinyl records and sitting next to the Christmas tree. One of my favorite things to do around that time of year, I mean I would do it in July too but it's harder (not yet impossible) to find a fir tree then and there's only so much caroling my husband can listen to.



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