aperta magazine cover illustration

 This June I had the lovely opportunity to be featured in Aperta Magazine for an article about my work. Also, I got the chance to make an illustration for their cover in collaboration with Schneider Romania. I got to play with their Twin and Paint-it markers which was a perfect delight. I love it when I get projects where I have to do traditional illustrations, even though I'm afraid every step of the way that I'll mess things up and there's no Undo button in real life. But my fears always prove to be silly and the results are always appreciated. I had complete freedom for this cover illustration, but it was a summer edition nonetheless, so we thought we'd somehow tie that together into the concept and the colour palette as well. And I thought about summer in Italy, because that's my dream place, so after a lot of digging through reference photos, I merged a few ideas and here's the result. Stay tuned on my Instagram page and TikTok to see the videos behind the process.



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