the winterscape

 After summer and autumn, must come winter. I'm not talking about the outside weather, of course, I'm talking about my latest different-kind of portraits that, somehow, aligned perfectly in order with all four seasons. I like when that happens. My OCD brain is happy. A few people (not a lot, just a few) asked me if the colours in my watercoloured portraits are really that bright or if I edit them. Well, if you can believe it, the colours are even brighter in real life, sometimes I edit the pictures to get the saturation of the actual colours. And I love that. I love it when my customers say that their illustrations look even better in reality. And for today's painting, things are no different, I love the colour palette here, the colours are so bright, even though the landscape is mostly whites and blues, it just makes everything else really pop. I also used coloured pencils to add some texture, something that I haven't done for a while now, but I kind of like the look. 



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