the elegant reception

 Continuing the unexpected series of the four seasons (not the hotel... nor the symphonies of Vivaldi), we dive into our last and most lively season, spring. As the saying goes: after winter must come spring. For this season and today's different-kind-of portrait is a lovely and elegant couple, dressed to a T in a natural setting of a gorgeous estate. I'll take this opportunity to congratulate the happy couple. 

This illustration, again, has all the bright colours against all the shades of green in the background. Whenever I get to paint people in elegant attire, it's tough to integrate all that black from the suits and sometimes the dresses, however stunning it looks in real life, it just looks too dark in this kind of painting if you ask me. If it's not intentional with a simple backdrop, the black can look a bit too harsh. So I always try to "brighten" the black, or replace it completely, with some dark shades of other colours. It really makes a difference. Take a look.



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