deconstructed sunset - custom illustration

 There's a current heatwave lurking over us so instead of going out and getting some sunlight vitamins (which is what we should be doing in the summer after nesting so much in the winter time) I'm cooped up indoors, getting some AC headaches. But my mind is free to wander, and if the last time I took my markers out to play and visited the hills of Tuscany, just on paper, of course, this time I imagined the desert-like mountainscape of Arizona, where I've never been myself but would like to visit someday. I may, just may, have been a little inspired by a certain desktop background, but that's a story for another day.

Just like the previous marker illustration that I made, I've teamed up with Schneider Romania again, and I've been fortunate to use their new line of Twin and Paint-it markers, which I absolutely love. I will definitely put them to good use again because I have so many ideas and a little bit of creative drive left in me to keep drawing traditionally on paper. I don't want to lose that.



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