deconstructed forest creatures - the bear

 Bear with me. That's probably the highlight of this series. Oh, so many puns I can't help myself. 

The second little creature from this little series is a mighty fierce one, and as some people say... the best out of the entire bunch. As you all know, I can't choose sides, I have to love all my art babies the same, but we all know parents have their favorites. Looking at it, it does kinda look the most put together, it has depth. But anyway, back to the bear. In case you've missed it, I've made an art experiment with highlighter markers and gel pens. I did the same thing as I did with The Fox, I knew where it was going and that it was going to be ok in the end, but I still got anxious while in the process. I've built my confidence up a bit, as you'll see in the video I did. Watch the video now on my Instagram Reels & TikTok.



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