deconstructed forest creatures - the fox

 When I got my super pack of Schneider markers I also got some highlighters and gel pens, some of them in pastel shades, which I've never had before but I thought looked pretty cool. I also never really thought about using them in an art form, they're usually more utilitarian, but since I was on my A-game with trying new things and customizing stuff, I thought I'd give these a try. And guess what? Something cool came out of it. At first, it got a bit frustrating and then it was a bit of a "trust the process" moment but after I started adding on the layers the confidence built up a little bit more, then the details of the gel pens really made the entire thing come together. I hope you enjoy this mini-series. Here's a look at the first of the bunch - The Deconstructed Fox.

There's also a video behind the paper, see it on TikTok & Instagram.



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