recipes book - diy custom-painted cover art


 This little project was actually the kickstarter of my latest custom art journey. I've had this recipe notebook for a long while now, apparently since 2016, because this book is actually an agenda from that time. And for the longest time, its cover was the testing ground for my acrylic paint markers, whenever I had a custom project to make. As you can imagine, it was covered in scribbles, dots and splotches of paint. I know I wanted to customise it and make it look decent for so long. Especially since we moved and it was on display on my counter and I would see it every day, trying to hide it behind other recipe books. So one of these days, I was tired of seeing it in the state it was, I got all my markers out from back in the day, I was very surprised they weren't all dried up by now, and so I started painting. I thought it would be a quick, relaxing weekend project, but let me tell you, it ended up being a total mess, paint everywhere. But I pushed through, used up all the oldies, and cleared up some space with this occasion, for some new ones I wanted to try out (you already saw the projects done with the new ones). In the end, I'm so happy with the result, I'll admit I was a bit rusty in the customising game, but I love the look nonetheless. 



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