minimal desertscape - custom notebook cover illustration

 When I said I made an entire series of customised stuff, I wasn't lying. The next one in line is the cover for a notebook that I custom-drew on with acrylic markers. I've had this notebook since forever, I remember buying it years ago for this exact purpose, but, of course, I've never done anything on it. I've been moving it with me as I've moved around and now the time has finally come. I wanted to try this awesome style I've been seeing everywhere with this minimalistic look, flat, 2D colouring, a mix between retro style illustration, Pop-art and Op-art. I don't know exactly why I chose to make a landscape illustration, but I guess I really wanted to try out this idea of a desert-like landscape and some cactuses and try to make it all with a limited colour palette. The result is down below and the video is already up on my Instagram and soon on Tiktok as well. 



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