minimal mountainscape - custom notebook cover illustration

 Could there be a front view without a back one? I don't think so. Well... there can be a side view. Something to think about. I'm talking about the notebook that I customised if that wasn't obvious enough. And since the front was all about that sunset desert landscape I thought that for the back I'd do some kind of contrast with a night scene setting over a mountain landscape. To be honest, the entire idea came from that one metallic copper marker I had in my Schneider metallic markers pack, and I really love copper. I still don't know what I'm actually going to use this notebook for, probably some journaling, but I highly doubt it though. Most likely some bookkeeping, because I'm very old-school in that sense. And I really have to put my notebook collection to good use. While you watch this post, I'm going to go spray some varnish on this little piece, to set everything in place.



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