the supervillains

 Today's Different-kind-of-Portrait of the day is an update. I made an illustration with these same people back in the day when they got married, but now they've added a new member to the family (and two furry ones) so they wanted to capture this memory in watercolour as well. I loved the concept from the get-go, we used the same villain theme before, with the Joker and Harley Quinn, and now they wanted to re-integrate that as well somehow so we thought about the printed t-shirts. I thought that making the baby Batman was a genius idea. I loved it. And if you look closely a bit, you'll see that not only do the parents have their respective villains on their tees, but she also has the pants coloured in the same colours as Harley's hair and he has the pants and socks in the same colour of the Joker's suit. Just some details that I like to throw in there to make these paintings even more special. The bookcase is also in a rainbow-coloured theme and filled with little details of this family's life. The only thing that I'm upset about is that I didn't film the process.



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