art nouveau tunic

So... I just found these pictures, I forgot about them. This is actually the first piece of clothing I created in college, the first first one was the one made from paper for my high school diploma, here are some pictures of it: 360 dress and 360 project.

This tunic is inspired by sketches from the Art Nouveau project lines and dots (the actual sketch that stands as a base for this tunic is the first one from the third row from the bottom).
The technique I used here is fabric collage, that meaning that on the pattern of the tunic, you pin pieces of fabrics, cut to your desired shape then stitch them with that zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine. The thin spirals are done only by sewing.
The pattern for the tunic had to be specifically straight, like a T shape, being inspired by a project called "unstitched" (you can find a sketch here) where I had to design clothing only from geometric shapes, excluding rounded ones, because those need sewing.

I love this song, it makes me just dive into my thoughts, and it goes with the snow, the winter, the peace and calm of it all, the hot wine, sweet tea, his lips and everything attached to them.


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