Today I'm cheating on my PC with my sister's laptop, because she's very sick so I'm looking after her. While she's resting I'm still typing. You might say I'm becoming a blog addict.
On this beautiful sunny winter day, after the -22 degrees Celsius last night, I'm going to post some very "warm" dresses' designs. The empire type of dress is that with a high waist line, just under the breast area and a long skirt which flatters the body, making it, in my opinion, very feminine and elegant. I've also been inspired in choosing the empire style, by the genius of Alexander McQueen and his fall-winter collection from 2008. You have to love him, you have to!

 watercolours, markers and crayons on paper 21 x 29.7 cm

As a fashion advice and also because I've talked about properly dressing, this type of dress fits perfectly for a short person, or a person with small breasts, or maybe someone a little bit overweight because it elongates the body with it's straight cut and by moving the waistline up. The neckline can vary but because the waistline is so close to the breasts it accentuates this feature.


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