stained glass

watercolour on paper 29,7 x 42 cm

This was a high school project involving a design for a stained glass. I painted this about five years ago. My idea was to create something involving music, starting from the idea that "music is art", and the combination between the two. So I did this based on a painting (similar to the first one from the triptych) by kilgore-trout. I almost got in trouble with this painting because when I posted it on the web I didn't knew much about copyright and so I didn't put the inspiration source in my description. I made a mistake and now I know better, and honestly it has happened to me numerous times, and I have to say it's not pleasant. So don't make this mistake because it can involve legal actions.

Here's a beautiful song that truly is art, it goes with my mood right now and with the foggy weather outside. I miss some friends that are away in other cities, Elke and Zsolt, I miss skipping boring classes and going to drink tea and coffee, I miss our so elderly cooking sessions and very complex discussions about art and fashion. I miss Lulu and our movie nights, drinking her dad's alcohol and sleeping until 2 p.m., sharing dirty secrets and competing in the number of tabs opened in our browsers. I feel I'm getting older.


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