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This was a very interesting project and I have to say that ever since, I know how to dress better and appropriately, fit for my body's shape. The project was also a success on deviantART gaining a Daily Deviation last month:
"redress 6 are two concepts from the amazing project done by ~dushky. The wonderful technique, the level of details and the random styles in each design makes this project worthy to be shown. Make sure to watch every single concept and be inspired by so many styles. Wonderful!"

So, a small tutorial on How to Dress:

The idea was that in real life not all women are models, skinny and tall. There are women who are short, tall, overweight, skinny, with big breasts or big hips, wide shoulders and so on. Clothing can hide or accentuate our body features, and so if you are not comfortable with some part/parts of your body, as most women are, you can correct that with a simple shirt or skirt.

Body shapes are fitted into a few categories, defined by letters, just imagine the figure as a letter:

A - narrow shoulders, wide hips
V - wide shoulders, small hips
I - tall and skinny, or short and skinny
O - small and overweight, or short and overweight
Y - accentuated waistline, big breasts
T - masculine lines

In correcting this shape, you should always think of a perfect balance between your upper and lower body.
Colours and shapes also create illusions. Vertical and thin lines and dark colours make you taller and slim, horizontal and thick lines and light colours make you wider and bigger. Dots, spots or full patterns and diagonal lines also create volume and are somewhat dynamic.
Each shape can be corrected with another. For example, if you are an O you can improve your body line with an I type of clothing. That means you should wear long, straight, not too vaporous and not too close to your body, pieces of clothing in dark colours. You can also use the principle of the Y line, and accentuate the waist line to create a more feminine look, the hourglass figure (which is considered to be the perfect one, so in a way, that is the figure you should have in mind when trying to dress appropriately). If you are an A you can dress in the V type of clothing (or the other way around), putting some volume on the top of your body to create that balance between your hips and shoulders.

Here are some sketches, with the advantage and disadvantage of some body types. I have to say, they are not all that great, not the best examples, but if you get the idea of the theory you can apply it to yourself. I would draw a whole different style of clothing now, but in a way I like these, in the colour palette and splashy backgrounds. For each body type, there are two sketches, now you should know, that the figure is exactly the same in both of them, so if you get the impression that one of them looks better fitted to the body lines of the mannequin it's just the clothing, the colours and patterns.

watercolours, coloured crayons and markers on paper 21 x 29.7 cm


  1. foarte tare tutorialul :) you give some good advices si desenele sunt semnificative :) great job

  2. Ma bucur mult ca a fost folositor intr-un fel sau altul. Mersi mult de tot!


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