I really like making up words... Anyway, here are two other projects from college. The first one is a reinterpretation of a bustle dress worn in the late 1800s. For these compositions I thought I could use a new technique, I've heard a lot about it but never got the chance to use it. So, I used coffee as a base and it is really great to paint with. It's almost like watercolours. For highlights I used normal coloured crayons.

coffee and crayons on paper 29.7 x 42 cm

This second project was about designing a specific type of dress, it looks like a pot, and decorate it with elements from my hometown, Timi┼čoara's, gates from castles and old buildings. And the predominant architectural style here is mostly Baroque, therefore the name of the project. Here you have some details about the Baroque architecture and Timi┼čoara's gates.


tempera and crayons on cardboard 50 x 70 cm


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