An illustrated collection I made for my printing class in college. I chose the Celtic inspiration because of their obsession for perfect patterns. I have an entire book on those patterns and it's really amazing, plus I have a soft spot for spirals and twisted lines.
The funniest thing about this experience is that my professor was a very hard to please person, and when I showed her the sketches she said "they are too perfect, try not making them so complete". But she liked them so I was fulfilled. One of the sketches, the last one, went missing after the exhibition in my faculty, I don't know if it fell from the wall or someone just took it, but it's a pity because I really enjoyed these designs. Good thing I have a photo of it, because in my first year I forgot to photograph some sketches, 3 collections actually, and they "got lost". It's the worst feeling, to know you worked for nothing.

watercolours, pastels, crayons and markers on paper 21 x 29.7 cm


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