butterfly caught

for Roxi.

watercolours on paper 50x70 cm

Today I'm not going to talk about the painting but a bit about everything else. Winter is here, theoretically, and I know I've been complaining to everyone that I miss summer and the warmth of the sun, but I can't say I don't smell the holidays and the fresh scent of fir, cinnamon and oranges. Tasting hot wine, sweet tea, minty chocolate, watching the snow against my window rapped up in a warm cardigan. Playing in the snow, dressed up in ten layers of clothing, spending time with loved ones, kissing under decorative lights, sharing gifts and memories, making new ones... that's what I love about winter.

Happy name day to all Andrews for Saint Andrew's day and happy national day for my country!!I ('m not that patriotic but I thought it was nice to mention).
Oh, and today my blog is one year old! Hope there will be many many years to come.
Thank you for everything and I wish you the best winter of all.


  1. N-am vazut ceva mai frumos in ultima vreme.Felicitari si sper ca talentul iti va aduce numai satisfactii!

  2. Multumesc foarte frumos!
    Ma bucur mult ca-ti place, si sper sa fie cum spui tu. :D

    Toate cele bune si Sarbatori Fericite! :)


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