celtic - screen printing tutorial

These are the shawls I printed inspired by the previous collection I presented to you, Celtica. The inspiration came from the Celtic art and patterns.

The technique I used is called screen printing, so I'm going to teach you a bit about this technique, maybe you'll find it useful.

  • First you create the screen. Just take a wood frame, from a photo or make it by nailing four wood sticks together.
  • Then nail a piece of fabric called mesh, you could try using gauze or coarse muslin but with a think texture. Make sure it's tight and straight.
  • After this you prepare the stencil, in my case, different types of spirals and Celtic patterns.
  • Apply the pattern on the cloth that you desire to print, I used linen, but you can try on cotton, silk, canvas, whatever you wish. Fix the pattern with tape so that it won't move when you apply the paint.
  • Put the screen over the pattern, pour textile paint straight from the tube onto the top of screen, then use a flood bar, which is like a piece of wood with a piece of rubber attached to it, and drag the paint over the blank spaces of your pattern.
  • Then slowly lift the screen and let the paint to dry. You can repeat the pattern and create a composition or decorative fabric.
  • You can create clothing, scarfs, pillowcases etc. I used my shawls as decorative curtains.

textile paint on linen 200 x 50 cm

You can read more about screen printing here.


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