butterfly effect

I don't really have this big passion for butterflies but somehow I seem to paint them a lot. Or painted, because this painting right here is from 2004 and somehow I still like it. I like the watercolours and how they fade, the lines, the colour palette. Well, enough with this self eulogy, the title is inspired by a movie The butterfly effect, the idea of it all is how a small thing or choice that you do or make in your life can create a series of major events and consequences. It makes you wonder if the fact that you are reading this instead of doing something else is changing your life.

watercolours on paper 21 x 29.7 cm

Happy Birthday sis!
Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

...it's snowing outside, it looks so peaceful and beautiful, and I think this song goes perfectly this feeling. It's for you sis! :)


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